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Cyprus Jewellery for your wedding

Cyprus Jewellery for your wedding

A ring to fit “your taste”

Every woman dreams of the moment her beloved one will propose to her by placing on her finger the desirable ring.  Since this ring will be on your finger for the rest of your life, make sure that it corresponds to your style and taste and that it is what you have always wanted.

Because there is a possibility to find yourself with a ring that does not satisfy you, it will be wise to be part of the selection.   You can go along with your partner to a jewellery shop to choose the ring you like or you can choose one from before and then take your husband-to-be with you for the final decision and selection.

Small Dictionary from Greek to English
Κύπρος = Kipros = Cyprus
κοσμήματα = kosmimata = jewels
Κοσμηματοπολεία = kosmimatopolia = Jewellery Shops
Κυπριακοί Γάμοι = kipriakoi gamoi = Cyprus Weddings
Δακτυλίδι = Daktilidi = Ring

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