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More informations about weddings in cyprus

More informations about weddings in cyprus

Bridal Surprise

Time never comes back

Bring back to life memories and hold the most beautiful moments of your life for ever; beautiful memories like your children’s first steps and first day at school. Keep alive unique days of your work, your graduation and moments of happiness from engagements and weddings. Save the moments when you said your first “I love you” or when you made your first trip; moments of birthdays, moments of happiness and sadness.

During the wedding reception, either as a surprise for the newly weds or as a prearranged event for the evening, present yesterday’s moments in a 15-minute film presentation filled with emotions.

All of this can become reality with … the Power of Imagination.

Cosmetics/ Beauty

Technology at the armory of beauty

All women fear that as time passes their physical beauty will vanish. Time leaves its marks on once fresh, bright skin, now wrinkled and sagging.  Nowadays there is no need for women to worry since technology offers solutions.  In the various beauty centres all kinds of therapies take place with the help of high technology machines and devices, which can help the prevention or restoration of the female beauty.


Selecting a cocktail style buffet

The most important subject concerning a wedding in Cyprus is no other that that of food and drink.  Delicious good food does not always mean expensive caviar and salmon, because all kinds of meat, potatoes, and pasta can make good food if they are cooked with care and in a special way, which is sure to satisfy even the most demanding guests.

Furthermore, there is no need for the buffet to consist of a lot of dishes but a few well cooked ones which will keep your guests satisfied. The choice of a buffet in the style of a cocktail, which has become very popular in recent years, is also economical since a few particular dishes are offered.  At the same time, less space is needed as your guests remain standing.

As far as the drinks are concerned, there is no need for a huge selection as it will cost a lot. You just need two kinds of wine, beer, fizzy drinks and juice. Another related topic to this is the wedding cake.  A wedding cake does not have to be very big and over decorated with all kinds of tastes to be impressive and beautiful!


“Kerastika”  _ Wedding take-home Sweets

Leave your guests with the sweetest memory of your Cyprus wedding. Use your fantasy to create your wedding’s take-home sweet “kerastiko”. 

The most popular take home sweets offered in a Cypriot wedding are the so called ‘lokoumia’ and ‘mamoulia”.   In the last years, however, most people prefer to offer their guests something that they will remember them by, a small gift, a favor.  These favors are usually given only to the people who will be present at the wedding dinner and party, unless the wedding is done in a close circle of friends and relatives.   

Make certain that you order as many take-home sweets as your guests plus an extra 20%.  The person responsible of the delivery of these take-home sweets to the reception hall is the confectioner chosen to make them.  It is advisable to agree ahead of time how and in what kind of baskets/trays the take-home sweets will be delivered in so as to avoid any misunderstandings.  Then ask a few of your friends or cousins to hand them out to your guests.

Because your wedding must make an impression and people must talk about it!

Invitation Cards

Unique and beautiful invitation cards

One other important matter of a Cyprus wedding which has to do with the wedding preparation, is, of course, the invitation cards with which the couple and their families will invite their beloved guests and the people who would like to see on this special day of their life.

If the responsibility of the selection of the invitation cards was left wholly on the young couple, it is certain that they would choose the most unusual and unique invitations signifying their own identity.

But because the parents of the couple often take part in the selection of the invitations, most couples remain within the usual framework and finally choose common styles of invitation cards.

The companies, however, that specialize in the design and sale of the wedding invitation cards, offer a wide selection which can satisfy all kinds of tastes, even the most eccentric ones.

Those invitation cards with original designs, bright colors and unusual text are mostly chosen by the few and bravest who dare and wish to stand out and be different.

Evening Gowns

Discover your Style

In the whirlpool of progress, travel back in time and discover your style, choosing your evening gown within fine lines of balance.  If you want, however, to be beautiful, choose an evening dress in a feminine line with fine lace and evening creations with fine taste.

There are many elements of fashion which we like and many others we don’t.  Yet, those which we like do not necessarily suit us.  That is why we should not fall into the trap of choosing clothes just because they look wonderful on a well-shaped model.

It is true that the fashion world insists on tall and skinny women with perfect bodies as their role models.  That is why a lot of the clothes that are available every season do not suit the average woman who is of average or short height and not a perfect six size; in other words, the majority of the female population of this world.


Embroidery and lace

These are the two most vital elements of the wedding dress fashion which give the appropriate style to the dress. Fine embroidery with see-through, rainbow crystal and Swarovski as well as French lace make the wedding dress elegant and chic.  No matter how modern the dress is, it should not lose its aristocratic look.  Designers play with their imagination, combining fabric with lace and embroidery to make various combinations so each one of them can create a unique and special design.   


Shoes for …special occasions

The shoes you are going to wear on the day of your wedding play an important role in your whole appearance and that is the reason why you should select them very carefully.

Women look for a high heeled and chic pair of shoes for that day.  Be careful with the height and cut of the shoes you choose to buy as these are the two reasons that make a pair of shoes comfortable or not.

First of all you need to set the standards for the shoes you are going to wear.  Your choice is going to rely on the shoes you are used to wearing every day.  There are women who feel comfortable on high heels and others who do not.  Therefore, you should choose a pair of shoes in the height appropriate for you so as to feel comfortable in them.  Those of you, who choose to wear high heels, make sure the height of your shoes does not make you taller than your husband-to-be.

Something else you should have in mind other than the height of the shoes is their color and design as they should match the wedding dress.  When you start looking for your wedding shoes, always remember the color and style of your wedding dress.  Before you decide on a particular pair, make sure that it matches the wedding dress.

Men should also be very careful with the choice of the shoes they are planning on wearing on their wedding.  Based on the color of the suit, you will choose the appropriate pair of shoes.  If your suit is not the traditional black color, but a lighter color, try to find shoes in a similar color tone.  Your choice of shoes, with laces or not, simple and comfortable is a matter of taste as long as they suit the rest of your style.  Remember that your suit may not look as good or may lose its style if it is not matched with the right pair of shoes.


Lingerie … your secret weapon

Your wedding dress may be the star of the show, but your lingerie will be what will promote and support your body.  Therefore, your choice of lingerie depends on your wedding dress.  That is the reason you should choose underwear that will not only make you feel comfortable but will support your wedding dress.


Special Look

If you think that only the bride owes to look spectacular on the day of her wedding, you are wrong.  The bride may be the star of the show, but the groom should have an impeccable and stylish appearance.  In recent years the fashion world has come up with many suggestions for the future groom-to-be.

Therefore, other that the classic black suit, you may choose what suits you among a variety of colors and shapes.  Wedding suits in the colors of beige, blue, grey, brown present alternative solutions to those who want to avoid the black suit.  If some of you want a modern look, a suit with almost not existing stripes or checks may be an ideal choice.

After you have chosen a suit, a shirt and tie are in order.  The selections available are numerous both in color and design; solid-colored ties with or without any designs, shirts with broad or narrow collar, cuffs with or without buttons.  Be careful!  Both shirt and tie should harmoniously match the suit.

Special attention should also be given to the cufflinks.  Based on you personal taste and your financial status, you can choose cufflinks from a variety of platinum, gold, ivory, diamond, etc.  What you should be careful about is the material which the cufflinks are made of as they should match the watch you are going to be wearing.

In addition special attention should be paid on the shoes.  Pay attention to the color and quality.  You have a choice among low-tops or high-tops/boots, loafers or shoes with laces. The choice is all yours!  Remember that the pair you choose should go perfectly with your outfit.  Do not forget that the outcome should be special and irresistible.


Add a brush of fantasy

The day of your wedding will remain indelible in your mind.  Decorate this day with joy and color.  Make it really special by adding a brush of fantasy.  Trust the experts to decorate the wedding reception hall and let the balloons bring the joyful atmosphere to high levels.  For your entrance in the hall, because happiness must not be hidden, do not hesitate to show that your heart is celebrating on this day.

Wedding Planners

Trust the Experts

It is certain that the preparation of your wedding fills you with great happiness and you look forward to that big event which will mark your life pleasantly!  Yet, it is a fact that the organization of a wedding creates stress and anxiety.  It is also time consuming and needs a lot of planning.

The preparation of a Cyprus wedding includes the purchase or making of the wedding dress and the groom’s suit, the guest list, the invitation cards, the actual ceremony, the reception etc.  For the right organization and planning of the wedding, a lot of time and great care are needed.  It is necessary that the preparation starts way before the wedding and nothing is left for the last minute as it will create anxiety and stress to the couple and those helping with the planning.

Furthermore, the couple needs peace and tranquility a few days before the great event.  That is why we suggest the solution of the professional whose job is the arrangement of every little detail that has to do with the wedding.  This professional can be responsible for every aspect of the wedding whether that is the selection of the invitation cards, the decoration of the church, the selection of the reception hall, the buffet and even the music that will be played on that day and many more.


The bachelor/bachelorette party

The bachelor party is an old tradition.  The groom’s close friends would take him out on the last night of his bachelor life, giving him the chance to relax from the wedding preparations and to rejuvenate and energize him in order to have fun and enjoy the day of his wedding.

With time things have become equal and it is the bride’s right to have something similar to the bachelor party, the so called bachelorette/hen’s party.  Both the bachelor and bachelorette parties point out the end of both the groom and bride’s end of bachelor lives.  The bachelor party for the groom is organized by his circle of male friends and for the bride by her circle of female friends.

Bachelor parties were associated with a long lasting rumor of being the night of debauchery, excess, and consumption of alcohol until the final drop.  And some times these parties were the reason of the cancellation of the wedding.  Thank God times have changed!  Nowadays, grooms choose different, more appropriate ways to celebrate.  Among these alternative ways are excursions and fishing at weekends, watching a football or basketball match being followed by drinks or dinner at a favorite club or restaurant, or even short, two or three-day trips in or outside the country.

Typically, the bachelor party is arranged by the best man, but a close friend or relative or even the groom himself can organize it.

The bachelorette parties include a series of choices like a whole day at the spa, a weekend at your favourite tourist resort, a nice evening at a place of entertainment, restaurant or club.  This event is organized by the bride’s best friend or a relative of hers.

The bachelor and bachelorette parties should be organized a week, or even better, two weeks before the wedding.

A wonderful idea is to organize both the bachelor and bachelorette parties on the same night or at the same weekend.  You worry less about your other half when you are out having fun and enjoying yourself.


The following destinations are easily available for a honeymoon for those who are interested in combining relaxation, entertainment and adventure.

The magic of Africa

The meaning and magic of Africa are found in its wild nature.  Have a life experience; get away from your every day routine and lose yourself in the mystery of a different continent.  The accommodation is in a lodge decorated in an Africa safari style with wonderful cuisine and local wine.   In Kenya worthwhile are the Maasai Mora with its tall warriors and the colorful necklaces, the Maniara and Nakurou lakes with their abundance of birdlife.  In Tanzania worthwhile are the Ngorongoro crater and the Serengeti plains.  Enjoy the weather in Zanzivari and dare a dive.

The Caribbean

A trip by boat should not be a simple cruise but the ultimate holiday experience.  The difference lies in the selection of the super luxurious contemporary cruise liners and the choices of dream holidays; from the biggest fiord of Alaska to the high beats of the Caribbean; from the South Pacific to North Europe, the charming beauty of the Mediterranean; wherever your holiday dreams take you.

Horse-drawn Carriages/Cars

Bridal Car

The wedding day, one of the most important days of your life, needs to be planned very carefully.  You should pay the same attention to the selection of the right car/carriage for this big event.

There are many ideas but each couple should select the one that suits and corresponds to their own fantasy.  You only have to choose what you think matches your personality and style.


Music Selection

The selection of the music for a wedding in Cyprus is a very important job and must be taken very seriously.  The selection of appropriate pieces for particular moments and their mixture at the ideal time are vital as they will result in a high beat lively reception.

To help you understand the main parts for which you will have to find the appropriate music to use, we will separate the reception in sections:

• The section of waiting for the couple to arrive
• The section of the couple’s arrival
• Cutting the cake
• The little dance that follows the cutting of the cake
• Opening the buffet or serving the food is the following section
• The beginning of the program

The main program is then in order and continues always based on the style of your reception.  If there are any customs, traditions and songs from the country of origin that you want for that day, you should make it known from before. Then the program continues according to the guests’ and your mood until all of your guests and yourselves can not dance anymore.


Sweets - “Koufetta”

In a Cyprus wedding we take to church a silver tray.  In this silver tray, other than the wreaths “Stefana”, there are the rings, the ribbons and the sweets “koufetta” which are usually white with almond or chocolate inside.

Their white color symbolizes the happy days that the couple is going to share together, their sweet taste symbolizes the sweet life that awaits them and the almond inside symbolizes the fertility and the healthy off-springs they are going to have.

After the ceremony, all single (not married) women take the sweets which the priest has blessed and place them under their pillow with the hope that they will have a dream of the man they are going to marry.

There are various types of sweets “koufetta”, like sweets in the shape of a heart or ring.  The quality and price depend on the size and quality of the almond but also on the sugar crust that covers them.

Household Items

Suggestions for a Wedding List – Ideas for presents

You can have a wedding list for anything you need at your house like linen, carpets, curtains, kitchen wear, crystal, cutlery, furniture, lights and electrical appliances.

Go around then and do your research in the market to find the shop with the best offers and start your wedding list under the best conditions.  You should know that most shops give the couple a certain percentage on the final total of the list.  Furthermore, they arrange for the delivery of the gifts to your house and many times there are some extra gifts or they even offer the honeymoon itself or another three-day trip to a luxurious hotel.

Here are some ideas on the lists you can start:
• Decorative items and small furniture
• Furniture
• Kitchen wear
• Crystal
• Silver wear
• Cutlery
• Linen
• Carpets
• Curtains
• Lightings
• Electrical appliances
• TV sets and Hi-fi sets

Think about what is missing from your house for which you need help to acquire and chose it for the list you have started.  It is advisable not to have more than three lists; therefore, choose shops that combine some of the categories of the items you need and want.

Good Luck!


The 10 most important steps

Decide the name of the child
Choose the Godparents of the child
Decide on the date and time of the christening
Visit the church where the christening will take place
Talk with the godparent about the details of the christening
Arrange for a photographer and order the invitation cards
Organize the reception
Think about what you are going to wear
Relax everything will go well

Wedding Accessories

Wreaths/“stefana”, wedding rings, ribbons and “koufetta”

In the silver tray that you take to church in a Cyprus wedding, other than the wreaths “stefana”, the rings and the ribbons, there are also the “koufetta”, the hard-crust sweets. They are usually white with almonds or chocolate inside.

Their white color symbolizes the happy days the couple is going to share, their sweet taste symbolizes the sweet life that awaits them and the almond inside symbolizes fertility and the healthy children they are going to have.

There are various shapes of sweets/ “koufetta’ like shapes of hearts or shapes of rings.  Their quality and price depends on the size and quality of the almond and the sugar crust that covers them.

Decoration of the wedding area

A special decoration of the wedding place

You ought to offer your guests, who are stylish and sociable, a wonderful, special wedding dinner filled with style and finesse, not necessarily extremely expensive.  A wedding dinner in Cyprus does not have to be very expensive in order to be successful.  All it needs is to be made with taste and the right care.

Professional organizers of special occasions and dinners like wedding planners, hotels, caterers etc. have realized these essential ingredients of a successful wedding dinner and that is why they make sure that even the simplest wedding events are organized with care and taste.

This is accomplished with a special decoration of the area where the wedding dinner is taking place done by professional designers.  Furthermore, delicious and well-taken- care food, attractively decorated and served by well-trained waiters/waitresses will add to the success of the wedding dinner.

There are two things left to you, the decision of the budget you have for the wedding dinner and the choice of the right event-organizers.  It is also important to add something of yours to this very special dinner; something that will show your personality, character and style.  You can introduce some unique elements which will give this evening a special touch and make it one of its kind.