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Our company was founded in 1998 in Cyprus. With our professionalism and passion in 2007 our company expanded operations in Athens, Greece and in 2018 we grew further to the beautiful islands of Cyclades, specializing in destination weddings and incentives. With our 20 years of experience we guarantee the best service and price to quality ratio for our customers. Our thinking is that lighting is not just light. A lot of venues, which are able to host a wedding reception, wedding dinner or various events, present a serious disadvantage. They use their lighting only to illuminate darkness. However, lighting has unlimited uses and functions as an element of decoration. It allows you to emphasize points that are worth stating, as well as hide any imperfections in the area. Allows you to transform a whole room or the outside area with the color of your choice. A simple detail, such as a lighting system for the dancing floor, raise the psychology of the guests, enhancing the sense of party. For the best possible results, and for your own safety and security, we always use state-of-the-art equipment (LED) installed in the field by professional technicians. Our team consists by the best experts in the field and strives to provide you with an experience that is luxurious, tailor made and ensures that you with optimum results. We love our customers, we met and serve them with all the care and attention they expect. Our goal is to provide our clients and their guests, an unforgettable experience and complete satisfaction. Our key to the perfect event is that we love what we do and we do it with passion. For a personal meeting do not hesitate to contact us, it will be our pleasure to meet with you.

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