Obscura Art Studio Wedding Photo Nicosia W1070

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Obscura Art Studio

Address: 25 Elias Papakyriacou, 2414 Engomi
Town: Lefkosia, Country: Cyprus
Facebook Page: Obscura art studio
Website: www.obscura-photostudio.com

Contact info:
Tel.: +357 22590690, 99610464

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Obscura Art Studio

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Obscura Art Studio

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Obscura Art Studio Wedding Photo Nicosia W1070

Welcome to our World!

Each photograph is an image full of colors, feelings, and emotions. They are simply magical moments. Unique memories hiding a distinct special story, your story, imprinted with beautiful images on paper, so that your memories have the most beautiful scent that will last for a life!
To us, photography is art, madness, passion, and lifestyle. With 30 years of experience, knowledge and modern mode of expression, we are excited to create Obscura Photo Studio, with the latest technology equipment.
We offer a variety of services, as listed below:
1)Photography and filming weddings, christenings and other events (photography, cinematography, aerial photo / video)
2) Photography studio
3) Design and printing of invitations and business cards
4) Photo Printing small and large size
5) Copy Center
6) Organizing events / exhibitions
7) Advertising
Our experienced staff promises excellent quality!

You will find us in Engomi , Elias Papakyriacou 25.

Obscura Art Studio Wedding Photo Nicosia W1070

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