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My Sunshine Photography studio has been operating since 1989 in Cyprus, in the province of Famagusta. From then until today for almost 3 decades, we enjoy personal moments with you, with your loved ones (your sunshine) and the most important events of your life, immortalizing the vitality, the feeling and the figures of every precious moment. The renewed name “My Sunshine”, gives special importance to your own sunbeam, sunshine or light that may be the man or woman of your life, your child or any person, with whom you will trust the depiction and immortalization of your moments to us. We are a team that combines the experience of thirty years in the field of photography and video, with the new renewed generation enriched with ideas, new techniques and creations. My Sunshine Photography services focus not only on the impeccable technical support of the client but also on the organization, on the special importance needed by each individual person who celebrates one of the most beautiful moments of his life, so that he can feel beautiful in every moment of the day. . Our philosophy is that in addition to the stress of the event, the figures of the protagonists in the wedding or christening photos must be overwhelmed with emotions in order to enjoy that day as much as possible. Mood and behavior in our profession is one of the most important elements, so our concern in every photo trip is to create a pleasant atmosphere for every occasion. Photography is the capture of a real image or figure so, we try our cooperation with each model to bring the desired result in colors, composition, emotion and aesthetics. We use complete professional equipment in both photography and video. Our team consists of 2 up to 6 people depending on the expectations in each coverage.

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