Ktima Kousioumi Oriental

KTIMA KOUSIOUMI is a new reception venue, created to offer young couples the best for the most beautiful day of their lives.

A classy, ​​modern space surrounded by an idyllic green landscape combined with the enchanting setting of beautiful leylands, romantic waterfalls, impressive fountains that move to the rhythm of music, centuries-old olive trees, an impressive swimming pool and the beautiful traditional church in the name of Panagia tis Agapi.

According to tradition the Virgin of Love is the patroness of lovers to whom many couples in love come to seal their love.

Breathtaking scenery

The purpose of the estate is to offer a combination of enchanting scenery and excellent service that will satisfy even your most demanding guest. The estate in its beautiful gardens can offer catering receptions for up to 3,000 people, where the highly trained staff will give you and your guests a fairytale evening.


And the fairy tale does not end here… For your special guests the interior of the estate comes to amaze you. A space designed with finesse in a classy and modern style promises you an evening that will be imprinted in everyone’s memory. Words cannot express the magic of the place and the quality of our services. Our goal at Ktima Kousiomis is to make your every wish come true, offering you the best start on the new path of your life.

Ktima Kousioumi Oriental

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KTIMA KOUSIOUMI ORIENTAL ... ένας χώρος σχεδιασμένος με φινέτσα σε αριστοκρατικό και μοντέρνο ύφος ...!!!KTIMA KOUSIOUMI ORIENTAL ... ένας χώρος σχεδιασμένος με φινέτσα σε αριστοκρατικό και μοντέρνο ύφος ...!!! logo

KTIMA KOUSIOUMI ORIENTAL … a space designed with finesse in an aristocratic and modern style …!!!


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